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Photo gallery

The prizes....2013
Prizes from Soroptimist and Innerwheel
vista sul palco.....dell'Alessandrino: edizione 2013

46th guitar competition Daddario Prizes
46th guitar competition: Ekachai Jearakul 2nd Prize winner
46th guitar competition Anton Baranov: the 3rd prize winner

the three Finalists: Emanuele Buono (I), Anton Baranov(RUS) and Ekachai Jearakul (THAI)
46th Guitar competition: Cherouana introducing his new NAXOS CD
Andrea Roberto awarded Bodrato Prize as youngest Italian in competition

Ekachai Jearakul awarded the Blardone Prize
46th Finals: M° Anton Garcia Abril
18 guitar convention: Mrs Debora Paglieri (Rotary President) and the Committee

18 guitar convention:Piero Bonaguri, Oscar Ghiglia, Micaela Pittaluga and Frederic Zigante
18 guitar convention: Lorenzo Micheli
18 guitar convention: Emanuele Segre and Juan Lorenzo

18 Guitar convention: Oscar Ghiglia
18 guitar convention: Eduardo Fernandez
18th Guitar convention :In Siena Ensemble

18th guitar convention: Lorenzo Micheli and Castellani Andriaccio duo - Golden guitars
Faveo Hörold : his debut at the 18th guitar convention (13 years)
18th Guitar convention: the Committee

18th guitar convention: the "golden guitars 2013"
18th Guitar convention: the location at the Vivaldi Conservatorio
2013 edition: all together

46th Pittaluga International guitar competition: the finalists
46th Pittaluga guitar competition: the semifinalists
46th Pittaluga guitar competition

46th Pittaluga competition: in the City Hall
46th Guitar competition: the International Jury
46th guitar competition: the candidates

27-9-13 Recital in Solero for the winner 2012
46th Guitar competition : the President of the Jury Anton Garcia Abril
Lazhar Cherouana- the Laureate 2012

the guitar
Cherouana D'Addario Prize
Lazhar Cherouana First Prize 2012

Jearakul awarded
Pavel Kukhta awarded
Ekachai Jearakul (Thailand) Second Prize 2012

the conference -opening day
from left Ekachai Jearakul (thailand), Pavel Kukhta (belarus) and Lazhar Cherouana (France)
The three Composition Competition finalists: Kiko Faxas (Cuba), Luis Ochoa (Venezuela) and Janko Raseta(Poland)

Janko Raseta (Poland) Composition competition Audience award
the Big guitar signed by Alirio Diaz in 2007 for the 40th Anniversary of the competition
bella istantanea di Kyu Here Park

Micaela Pittaluga and her son Marco
Cecilio Perera 1st Prize 2011
KyuHee Park 2nd prize 2011

Jonathan Bolivar 3rd Prize 2011
Finals 2011 Kyu Hee Park with orchestra
Finals 2011 Jonathan Bolivar with orchestra

Crowded Cathedral of Alessandria for the Finals
Cecilio Perera ritratto
Congratulation to the winner!

Morricone introduce his piece....performed by Marco Tamayo

  International guitar

  Alessandria 24/29 of September 2018
  International competition
for composers
  Alessandria 30 of September/ 1th of October 2016
Junior Alessandria
  28 of September 2018
  International guitar meeting  
  Alessandria 22 of September 2018
  Concerto for a Friend  
  Sezzadio, June 21, 2018
  Pittaluga competition Book  
  CD and DVD  
  Compulsory work 2014 L.Ochoa - Path of history - Download  
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